Update – Knife Sharpening is Serious Business at Whole Foods

The knife sharpening station at the Brooklyn Whole Foods has been missing it’s sage cutler, Christopher Harth, for some time now. If you read my earlier post about Harth, you know how dedicated he is to his craft; and so it is curious IMG_2604that he mysteriously disappeared this summer from his reliable post, where he diligently focused his efforts knife by knife. I finally inquired and received some awful news. Sadly, Harth was hit by an SUV while on his bike and will undergo surgery and rehabilitation before he returns to the store.  The knife station is indefinitely closed. Until Harth returns, an employee in the cheese department recommended that I bring my Global knives to Korin, where I understand my cutlery will be treated with equal seriousness. The Momtropolis wishes Christopher Harth a speedy recovery and return to knife craft.

Photo Antonia MartinelliUpdate on the Update 1/14/16 – Mac the Knife is back! Despite Harth’s lingering injuries, he survived the holiday rush at Whole Foods. He is there on Sundays and Mondays from noon-6pm to rehab your knives after the rough holiday season. Start off 2016 sharp!

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