Unseen Moments – 3 on a Bench at D’Amico’s

photo by A. Martinelli

3 Friends on a Bench at D’Amico’s

Sometimes it’s the sights we miss in passing that provide humanity’s best view. I spotted these three on a bench in front of D’Amico’s last week enjoying a simple morning chat. I had to turn around and take in the endearing moment between old and young. Pictured here are Rose Cusumano, 88 who lives above D’Amico’s and whose daughter owns the salon, Chic Elegance, next door. Randolph Nurse, 22 is a barista at D’Amico’s and college student. Rose is Randolph’s self-proclaimed godmother. If she ever hits the numbers right Randolph’s school expenses will be covered. “Ralphie” Liccardi, 84 used to live down the street but now commutes in everyday from Staten Island just for the coffee and the company. He somehow manages to find parking right out front. And I should add this isn’t just any bench. There is a fourth unseen presence in this photo because this bench commemorates the life of friend Geraldine Bianchi.

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