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Turning the Tables on Toback

I’ll cut to the chase. I was sexually harassed and groomed over the course of a week by James Toback, but not sexually assaulted, battered or threatened, as many others were, because I did not accompany him to a hotel room or Central Park. Listening to the news over the past week, I now realize what awaited me if I’d… Read more →

photo by Antonia Martinelli

Sashy Bogdanovich is Not Raising Sons in Hollywood!

Update May 31, 2020 – The lives and work of Polly Platt and Peter Bogdanovich are explored in two new podcasts. You Must Remember This,¬†explores the secret and/or forgotten histories of Hollywood’s first century, and devotes this season to Polly Platt. And Season one of The Plot Thickens, a podcast from Turner Classic Movies, is entitled I’m Still Peter¬†Bogdanovich. Sashy… Read more →