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photo by A. Martinelli

The Ghostbusters Controversy Haunts Halloween—and I’m Glad

Just when you thought it was safe, the Ghostbusters remake controversy (a.k.a. Ruining my Childhood) is back from the dead this Halloween. Only this time it’s girls that are doing the haunting. I know what you’re thinking. You thought neither the movie nor the backlash would have a lasting impact. To recap, a few grown men on the Internet spent the summer claiming… Read more →

photo by Antonia Martinelli

Sashy Bogdanovich is Not Raising Sons in Hollywood!

Update May 31, 2020 – The lives and work of Polly Platt and Peter Bogdanovich are explored in two new podcasts. You Must Remember This, explores the secret and/or forgotten histories of Hollywood’s first century, and devotes this season to Polly Platt. And Season one of The Plot Thickens, a podcast from Turner Classic Movies, is entitled I’m Still Peter Bogdanovich. Sashy… Read more →