What’s up Bococa? Week of 6/22/15


WWII Military Secretaries at P.D.Q.

Soft Opening for P.D.Q. – You know 359 Sacket St. had been the location of famed dumpling hut Eton which sadly closed last year.  Rumor has it the owner got a job with benefits at Facebook and still sells his dumplings frozen in grocery stores, although I have not seen them in a very long time.  As much as my kids and I miss dearly beloved Eton, I was glad to see the space occupied again today by P.D.Q., a name that references the military abbreviation of Pretty Darn Quick.  The owners and soon to be newlyweds, Regina Myers and Tyler Maganzini are staging a soft opening this weekend with small bites and cocktails.  You might recognize Regina Myers as the owner of Bar San Miguel at 307 Smith St. and Tyler Maganzini owns the discrete but always busy Black Mountain Wine House on the corner of Union St. and Hoyt St.  In keeping with the speed theme, they offer cocktails on draft and cocktails in a bottle, as well as sandwiches such as the Muffuletta – something I’ve never seen on a menu in Brooklyn.  As they settle into the intimate space they will be offering breakfast and coffee as well.  Maganzini is even considering adding Eton’s dumplings to the menu on occasion.  The name, P.D.Q. is an homage to Myer’s Godmother who was the secretary to a general in post-WWII occupation Germany.  On the walls hang images of such secretaries, lest we forget that women always worked.  If most bars are man spaces, P.D.Q. is wisely the gendered opposite.  As Brooklyn is now the land of women led start-ups, this might be a good place for those gals to kick back, if they have time too.  Although they seem to have covered that issue in the name P.D.Q.

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