If a Teenager Gives a Mom a Gift at Christmas – A Cautionary Tale

photo by A. Martinelli If you give a mom a gift at Christmas, she might need the gift receipt to go with it.

When you bring the gifts to her on Christmas Eve, she’ll probably be confused that you bought her a gift at all. She’ll want to wrap it for you since she usually wraps the gift she bought herself with the left over wrapping paper after she wraps everyone else’s.

When you let her wrap it, she’ll fixate on whether the shirt box indicates that it’s something she’s going to have to return because she’s going to go up a size after the holidays.

So you’ll cave and let her try it on. It’ll fit but it won’t be her style so she’ll wonder why you didn’t just give her earrings or a gift certificate.

And thinking you were so smart for keeping the receipts, you’ll attempt to return it only to realize it was final sale.

You’ll be stuck with a size 1 snow leopard print cold-shoulder top from She Co.’s that you’ll have to donate to Goodwill and no gift as the store hours dwindle on Christmas Eve.

You’ll consider taking her advice on the earrings and gift certificate since you’re already at She Co.’s. Then you see an imperial peacock fringed Ruana that you think she’ll love. Not only is it fringed and peacock; it’s imperial and it will conceal any holiday weight gain. Besides time is running out!

So against better judgement, you buy the imperial peacock fringed Ruana, wrap it in secret, and put it under the tree for mom on Christmas morning.

But be prepared…

If you give a mom a gift at Christmas, she just might need the gift receipt to go with it.

Happy Holidays!


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