Hoyt St.—Meet Your New Speed Bumps

photo by A. Martinelli

Proving you can’t take a photo in this neighborhood without a stroller showing up.

This morning cars were removed from Hoyt St. to install two new speed bumps, one at 2nd St. and another near President St. Some residents of the blocks along this stretch rejoiced at the prospect that the intersections would be safer to cross. Pedestrians had long complained of drivers barreling down Hoyt St. and drivers complained of having to enter the intersection blind from 2nd St.  Residents in the past had started petitions and contacted local representatives to no avail, but in November there was an accident at the intersection of Hoyt and 2nd that could have been fatal were there pedestrians standing on the corner. Fortunately there were none. Then foot traffic to the train station on Smith St. increased as people began to move into 365 Bond.

photo by A. Martinelli

Recent Accident

As a result, local residents made requests to the DOT to re-evaluate the increasingly traversed spot. In spite of those efforts, locals were still shocked this morning to see the new speed bumps. Some residents did note the possibility for perturbance as parking spaces adjacent to the speed bumps would be less desirable on this narrow street. Well, you can’t please all the people all the time. So if you’re coming down Hoyt St., slow down. There’s a few new bumps in town!

Correction: I initially reported the installation of new bumps. They are technically speed humps, the fat cousin of the speed bump. Humps are less aggressive in controlling speed. My only question now is if signage stating hump will be installed.

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