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Angela Clark (photo Antonia Martinelli)

Poses for Today and Tomorrow – Angela Clark of Mala Yoga

Life, like Yoga, is not static.  For women especially, the body can be a constantly morphing vehicle within which to work.  And there is no state that makes that more apparent than pregnancy.   With that in mind, The Momtropolis asked the ever insightful Angela Clark, to break down the pose she loves today, in pregnancy; and the pose she will love tomorrow, postpartum.  Angela… Read more →

Are you Raising the Next Duck-face?

“I want to watch myself!” cries my daughter, any time there’s a cell phone pointed at her. She anticipates the video before it’s even finished recording. Watching one’s self—immediately, before the moment is over, is the new toddler milestone. Forget first sentences, learning letters and trying new foods; many of the young kids I know have Kardashian levels of awareness… Read more →

…I rigged up a make-shift surveillance system and watched the live feed from downstairs behind the register. I saw the sitter huddled over her computer, pushing my kids away and completely ignoring them. Later…”  Read the rest of our interview with Zoe.

Zoe van de Wiele of Cloth Clothing

Zoe van de Wiele of Cloth

Thinking about what I knew how to do well (making films) and what I loved (working with kids), this business idea came to me in the ultimate lightbulb moment.”  Read our interview with Susannah.

Susannah Ludwig of Portraits that Move

Susannah Ludwig of Portraits that Move