American Spring – More Protest Signs!

Installation by A. Ferraro

Installation entitled, “And when you’re omnipotent, they let you do it.”

Isn’t this fun? We stared into a juggernaut of wars, corruption, discrimination and propaganda to create a Resistance and look how far it has come in 5 months! We have a name. We had the largest demonstration in US history. We were effective screaming in town halls, airports and courthouses. We joined Sister District, Flippable, or SwingLeft and managed to get Delaware Democrat Stephanie Hansen elected in a February special election. Now we’re busy phone banking and donating to sway special elections in Georgia for John Ossoff and Montana for Rob Quist. Though we were not successful electing James Thompson, we chipped blue cracks into a deep red Kansas district.

Yes. American Spring has arrived! And that means it’s peak season for protests! Your free speech schedule is packed for April and May. There’s the Tax March, the March for Science, and the People’s Climate March. There are multiple May Day marches, and the much anticipated, sure-to-be delicious Anti-Trump Fiesta on Cinco De Mayo! And last but not least, there will be a Children’s March NYC right here in the Momtropolis. I know what you’re thinking. You need new signs for new issues. As always, I’m here to help.

When composing your signs recall all the ways the President has failed to deliver on his promises. He has failed to repeal Obamacare, avoid Syria and untangle himself from Russia and Putin. These failures are largely due to resistance in one form or another, so keep it up!

Recall, also, that we are losing. We’ve lost the Supreme Court. We’ve lost internet protections and workplace protections for women. Non-criminal foreigners are being deported for minor bureaucratic errors. Mining companies can dump in streams again. We’re losing truth and accuracy in forensic science. Proposed EPA cuts threaten clean up of Jared Kushner’s toxic sites. And our investigation into election hacking by a foreign government partisan to (and possibly colluding with) the candidate who won, is in turn being subverted by the very officials that elected him.

Remember too, that many of the issues overlap, particularly climate change, science censorship and Russia. The same week that Republicans rolled back protections for streams, they lifted the requirement on oil and gas companies to disclose payments to foreign governments for drilling. Oil and natural gas explain Putin’s preference for climate denier Trump, at least partially. Anything that undermines climate data is in Russia’s economic interests. Understand that Russian dependence on the export of fossil fuels can’t be overstated. Having little access to warm water ports, gas pipelines are all they have. This video explains Russia’s Geography Problem and how it influences all their actions—notably their aggression toward NATO and the Ukraine.

Considering all the issues, I’ve created the American Spring Line of Protest Signs for you to take to the streets!

1. If you give a Republican a cookie, they’ll take Net Neutrality to go with it.

2. Let in the Beautiful Babies!

3. So you can see my cookies, but I can’t see your taxes?

4. There’s Treason in them there Capitol Hills

5. Follow the Rubles!

6. I’ll pay my taxes, if Donald shows his.

7. Science is real. This presidency is fake.

8. What’s the plus side of rising sea levels? Kellyann melts when she gets wet.

9. Al Capone – Another criminal who didn’t want us to see his taxes

10. Follow the leaks up the Russian pipeline

11. Alternative fuels, not Alternative Facts!

12. The smoking gun’s in the Russian oil

13. Recuse the entire GOP!

14. I’d care to see Trump’s taxes! Anyone else?

15. Has anyone told Jared he owns a Superfund site?

16. What happened to Trump’s casinos? Climate Change—They all went underwater.

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