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Who Brings Their Kid to a Fashion Show?!!

I’m sure you remember, earlier this year, when Kim Kardashian attended husband, Kanye West’s fashion show with their unhappy toddler North West.  Kim, seated next to Anna Wintour, felt the pressure of both a squirming fashion show audience and her own squirming toddler.  It seemed all corners of the Internet asked “Who brings their kid to a fashion show?”  Well, I did, twice.  And… Read more →

Angela Clark (photo Antonia Martinelli)

Poses for Today and Tomorrow – Angela Clark of Mala Yoga

Life, like Yoga, is not static.  For women especially, the body can be a constantly morphing vehicle within which to work.  And there is no state that makes that more apparent than pregnancy.   With that in mind, The Momtropolis asked the ever insightful Angela Clark, to break down the pose she loves today, in pregnancy; and the pose she will love tomorrow, postpartum.  Angela… Read more →

Compost Bins – They Say Everything About You

Yesterday the Department of Sanitation began to roll out organics recycling bins across Community Board 6.  That’s Red Hook, Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, Gowanus, and Park Slope (although Park Slopers have already participated in the pilot program for awhile now).  If you’re like me, you are late to the whole composting game.  You knew they were coming but didn’t put much thought into… Read more →

Positive Discipline – Update

I received a lot of positive feedback on the Positive Discipline series.  Many of you were interested in integrating the technique into your life or school.  The best way to learn more is to participate in a class.  Luckily for you Mary Lynn has decided to start a local class and sent me the following today. Are you engaged in power struggles with your children?… Read more →

Raccoons on 2nd Street

(Video compatible with Safari and Chrome) My block, the one between 2nd and 3rd Streets and Hoyt and Bond Streets, is infested with raccoons, possibly 3 families. The problem has been developing over the last few years, coinciding with the Lightstone Group’s construction of 365 Bond, on the Gowanus Canal, a block away. Some believe the raccoons originally resided on the… Read more →