Monthly Archives: September 2015

photo Antonia Martinelli

Look Kids, Crack Plants!

In July, a renegade stalk erupted from a crack in the sidewalk in Brooklyn. Some neighbors thought the stalk resembled corn at first. As the flower and seeds began to form it became clear that it wasn’t corn. My curiosity about this rebel plant brought to mind the book, My Amazing Poo Plant by Moya Simons.  In this book, a girl waters bird droppings in an empty… Read more →

Positive Discipline – Let’s Stand this Up! (Part 2)

People always say, “Children don’t come with handbooks.”  That’s certainly true, leading many of us to turn to the model of our own upbringing to inform our parenting style, or the advice of our friends or the parenting section of the local bookstore.  However, I recently learned about one parenting handbook, called Positive Discipline by Jane Nelson, who, together with Lynn Lott and others, has written many… Read more →