Installation by A. Ferraro

American Spring – More Protest Signs!

Isn’t this fun? We stared into a juggernaut of wars, corruption, discrimination and propaganda to create a Resistance and look how far it has come in 5 months! We have a name. We had the largest demonstration in US history. We were effective screaming in town halls, airports and courthouses. We joined Sister District, Flippable, or SwingLeft and managed to… Read more →

photo by A. Ferraro

The Weird Recipe that Will Make your Bread Taste like Lemons

With the kids on vacation this week, I had no other choice but to turn the blog over to my 13 year old son. He has some innovative article ideas for driving traffic to my site. Enjoy! The Weird Recipe that Will Make your Bread Taste like Lemons The Refrigerator Handle that Will Change Everything The New Paper Eating Technique That… Read more →

Old Dominion Stripe by W. Storms

Don’t be Lulled by the Spring Air

Signs of the resistance are everywhere including The Coal Shop: Brooklyn Workshop Gallery. I strolled in on the first spring-like Sunday and was caught off guard by Spring A.I.R., new works and works-in-progress by artists-in-residence Signe Bresling Rudolfsen and William Storms. Rudolfsen, a painter, and Storms, a weaver, working both individually and collaboratively captured the crucial interweaving of humanity. The… Read more →

photo by A. Ferraro

Where the Streetcars Roam

Oh, give me a home where the streetcars roam. Where the children vote on participatory budgeting projects all week. Where seldom is heard a discouraging word on new school construction and the skies are not cloudy all day. It might come as a surprise to hear there are exciting government projects underway in our own backyard! I thought you might… Read more →

Photo by A. Ferraro

Talk About Porn? – Parenting Advice from Cindy Gallop

According to Cindy Gallop, “You cannot begin talking about sex too early,” and porn must be part of that discussion. She offered this bit of unexpected parenting advice while speaking to Julie Scelfo, author of The Women Who Made New York at the Brooklyn Historical Society. Gallop is the Founder of Make Love Not Porn TV, a sort of Facebook… Read more →

Is it the end of learning leaders?

Learning Leaders Closing After 60 Years?!

Public school parents recently received a message announcing, “Learning Leaders Closing After 60 Years.” The organization trains and manages 4,500 classroom volunteers citywide with only 20 full-time employees and will dissolve on March 15th. The letter explained that despite increasing private funding, the NYC Department of Education would not provide reliable or adequate support. As a result, “we cannot leverage… Read more →

photo by A. Ferraro

Catt Small Grabs Back! Tips to Focus Resistance

Women are leaning into activism! And since protest is not just the new brunch, they are struggling to balance SAVING OUR DEMOCRACY with career and family. What with all the marches, groups to join, states to turn blue, members of Congress to yell at (both in person and over the phone), petitions, tweets, emails, and executive orders to keep track… Read more →